Century Printing

Web Application, Web App Design, and SAAS

The Company

Century Printing & Packaging began 25 years ago when Don Waldrop and his sons Ben and Neil began a small, family-owned textile supply business. Years later, after seeing a gap in the market for quality labels, the company shifted, and expanded into more labeling and packaging products, with newspapers becoming a prime customer. Now, with 26 employees and an expanding product offering, Century Printing has grown in innovation and reputation, now serving the packaging and printing needs of industries across the board—from newspapers to food, beverage, nutraceuticals, and more.

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The Challenge

Before they came to Mojoe, much of the company’s data was stored in a project management system that had been built upon, section by section, over 10 years as the company grew larger. While it initially provided a great step up from Excel sheets, they knew that their access-based system was becoming obsolete, and they wanted to move it to another system while streamlining communications and daily processes.

The Process

After meeting with the Mojoe team to cast the vision and explain their current processes and project management system, a plan was finalized to recreate their system in the cloud, so that it wouldn’t require an on-site server or be locally limited—allowing those who were traveling to access the system remotely. Balancing a fear of the unknown with excitement for a system that can help in the day-to-day, the Century Team wished they started the process much earlier.

“We should have started this about three years before we did,” said Ben Waldrop, President, and Co-Owner of Century Printing. “We didn’t realize how much we were changing things to adapt to the software, rather than the software adapting to the processes of the company. It’s been a big learning curve and we are excited to see it come together.”

The Solution

In the end, after a year’s worth of meetings, planning, and development, The Century Printing team has a new, cloud-based solution that allows them to work cohesively as a team, no matter where they are.

“We’re great at printing, but not so good at software, so we are glad to have a team like Mojoe working with us,” said Waldrop. “I think that Deveren has done a really good job of getting a sense of the strategic piece of this, and Mark and his team have done a nice job of translating that into the nuts and bolts of how we work.”