Big Gun Robotics

Website Development
and API Integration

The Company

As one of the premier manufacturing suppliers in South Carolina, Big Gun Robotics is one of the few that can provide all services from fabrication to Inline Boring to delivery. Specializing in large-format and highly customized precision weld assemblies, Big Gun Robotics can provide small- to large-scale welded and painted assemblies at a competitive cost, with just-in-time delivery on a large scale—all to exact customer specifications.

Application Development, Rover App, Mojoe, Greenville SC
Web Application Development, Rover Logo, Mojoe, Greenville SC

The Challenge

Big Gun Robotics needed to resolve multiple integration issues involving its automated robotics welding, manufacturing distribution, and logistics systems. In addition, a new fresh website was to be designed and developed to maximize the company’s growing brand awareness. These changes all needed to be implemented during normal business hours and while keeping the facility’s safety standards at the forefront of every task being undertaken.  

The Process

Big Gun Robotics came to Mojoe looking to have a new website developed to improve their brand awareness and maximize awareness of the company’s robotics manufacturing. After a lengthy evaluation process, Mojoe, in conjunction with TSVmap, began to formulate a plan to upgrade and integrate key systems at the Big Gun’s facility. The upgrades, integrations, and website were then all designed to help speed up deliveries, have a continuing focus on current safety standards, and to expedite manufacturing completion times.

The Solution

Mojoe worked with Big Gun Robotics to develop their new website that allows both old and new customers to find the business with as little effort as possible. The website was designed to be fully responsive and has been fully optimized for SEO to ensure a high ranking on all search engine platforms. All of the website’s assets were then connected to google analytics to track and monitor it’s traffic in real time and to discover the site’s hidden strengths and/or limitations.

A second, IT support team simultaneously worked with Big Gun Robotics at their facility to implement the new system upgrades and integrations. Now they are more connected and automated than ever before which amounts to more time to focus on profitability.