Red Seal Measurement

Web Development, Web Design, & Cybersecurity

The Company

Red Seal Measurement is a Greenwood, S.C.-based company that produces metering and measuring equipment, primarily for the fuels industry. With a focus on quality above all else, the company services clients internationally with a robust online process.

The Challenge

As a victim of a major cyberattack, Red Seal found their information—and their company—compromised overnight. While the FBI and antivirus providers worked on an immediate solution to the virus that refused to be easily eradicated, the team had to find an alternate method of doing business.

“Our business ground to a halt,” said Chuck Strawn, President of Red Seal Measurement. “We couldn’t bill; we couldn’t backflush for movement of inventory. We started tracking everything by hand just to get back in business.”

The Process

After a referral to Deveren Werne at Mojoe, the company engaged Mojoe to provide a detailed assessment of Red Seal’s position. Determining that there were a lot of points of corruption, Mojoe helped Chuck and his team determine that they had quite a mess to address and created a “Get Well” plan consisting of eight steps that would help the company get back on track and improve their future security issues.

“A big plus is that Deveren doesn’t recommend anything without understanding the root issues. If you don’t know how the company works, there’s a chance you could make a good recommendation, but there’s also a good chance you could miss the mark,” Chuck said. “Deveren and the Mojoe team went in detail, department by department, to see how the company is organized, to determine what we needed to be doing to move forward.”

The Solution

While Red Seal was still repairing the damage caused by the cyberattack, they were so impressed by Mojoe’s work that they engaged them for a second project—to help them further determine what, as a company, they could be doing to help move forward successfully. Mojoe developed another assessment, as well as helped with larger decisions like selecting a phone service and a new ERP provider.

“We try to be very forward-thinking,” said Chuck. “This is a challenging environment and everything is changing day by day. And I trust Mojoe to help us make good decisions.”