Well-written content fits the tone of your branding and is easy to optimize for SEO.

eCommerce Store in Development stage worked on by two developers, Mojoe, Greenville SC

Web Design that gets you noticed!

Gone are the days of the simple HTML site. Today if your site is not full of good, high-quilty images and well-thought-out content and designs, you just can't compete with the sites that do.

With Mojoe you get the knowledge and experience you need to build a first-class website. From wireframes to a fully-developed website, we have you covered. You are just a few clicks away!

Web Copywriting and Copyediting

Your copywriting is the second thing people are going to see after graphic designs and imagery. So your content should be rich and well-written. We have professional copywriters that will convey what your business is all about and the services you provide.

Do you already have content written out? Does it need that little something to make it more receptive to the visitors to your site? Well, Mojoe has on staff a group of experienced copywriters and copyeditors to help you get your message across loud and clear.


Content writer writing content for a website

Our Work

L.O.S.T Consulting

Effective website writing is essential for keeping readers engaged and interested in your site. At MOJOE, we understand this importance and collaborated closely with the owner of L.O.S.T to create engaging and well-written content that, when optimized for SEO, would elevate the site’s search engine ranking and captivate readers.

Century Printing

While developing new custom software and moving the company to a new cloud-based platform to enable their team to work from anywhere, Mojoe wrote a case study for their organization to use in media and social marketing. The key was to write content that not only interests the reader but also engages them to continue reading the entire study.


Mojoe worked closely with Rover to develop custom GPS tracking and autonomous following golf caddies. This software was installed on tablets for ease of use allowing golfers to move freely through the course. The main purpose of this content is to engage the reader and generate interest in the client’s product while informing them of its features.

SEO and content are inclusive, Mojoe, Greenville SC

SEO Content

Content, no matter how good it is, will not perform if it is not optimized. Our content writers implement SEO strategies that will include your keywords with content that is useful to your users. This way Google and other search engines still see it as relative content when someone searches that keyword.

Titles & Headers

Titles and headers are going to be a big part of your written content. The title of your page or the header of the paragraph is going to be what captures the user’s attention and gives detail about what they are going to read. We create captivating and accurate titles for your content.