Software Development
and App Design

The Company

Rover’s goal is to make the game of golf more enjoyable and accessible for players of all skill levels, while also reducing the physical strain of carrying clubs.” Our caddies can navigate the course on their own, following the golfer and carrying their clubs. Our caddies are equipped with a variety of features to enhance the golfer’s experience, including GPS navigation, and real-time course information.

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The Challenge

Rover had the cart but not the app that would follow the golfer. Rover was looking to innovate the golfing experience. They wanted to create a new experience on the course with a hands-free, autonomous caddie that offers GPS yardage and carries bags, coolers, and other accessories. They needed an application that would be able to use GPS and track your game through the course and give information on each hole.  

The Process

Rover came to Mojoe looking to have an application developed for their autonomous caddie. They needed a way to guide the caddie around the course, and even keep track of your score. Mojoe began a development plan for their new application.

The Solution

Mojoe created an app that allows you to leave your heavy bag and scorecard behind and focus on your game. The app will be installed on a tablet. It uses advanced GPS technology to track your location and distance to the hole, providing you with accurate yardages, club recommendations, and even hazards on the course.

The app has a feature where you can have the caddie automatically follow you on the course, ensuring that you never have to lug your clubs around again. The caddie will be equipped with a GPS device that will track your location and send it to the app, which will then guide the caddie to your location.

The app will also have a feature where you can input your score as you play, and it will automatically keep track of your score and stats for each round.