Given all the drama, panic, and fear that dominated 2020, we are seeing brands tone their usage of color in 2021. Businesses, their customers, and the population as a whole have had to make adjustments and may have to make even more as we prepare for what will be the new normal, whatever the new normal will look like. This applies to designers as well. Designers have adjusted to the 2020 scenario and are now applying that knowledge to the adjustments they will have to make in web design trends in 2021.

None of the following 5 new design trends for 2021 should cause a web designer any grief. They are not radical, mind-bending conceptions. They make sense, they are not difficult to implement, and they even suggest that the new normal may be an improvement over the old one.

1. Use soothing and reassuring color palettes

Strong, bold color palettes along with a variety of gradient schemes have neem emphasized in recent design trends to capture a visitor’s attention. The effect is to make the site more dynamic and attractive, but the users’ attention is distracted.

This year’s color palettes will adhere to neutral, soothing tones along with a variety of gradient schemes. Variations on a theme like this will be easily identifiable and appeal to the senses. They will lead us back to the internet we know and love, without distracting us with flashy effects or excessive color. The site design mimics a warm sunlit setting with muted colors and gentle gradients that are inviting but calming.

2. Effortlessly blend physical and digital imagery

Many, including numbers of new remote workers, were stuck at home with not much to do but look at their screens in 2020. This led to a greater blending of their physical lives with the digital world. In 2021, the digital and physical worlds will be more easily blended together, creating a stronger sense of belonging.

Our products can do the blending for us. They will be able to help users quickly find and combine images from the computer with those captured in physical situations. The process will be as easy as using a smartphone or tablet to pull two different photographs into one composition. The resulting image can be optimized for print or digital use thanks to the seamless blending of computerized and real-world imagery.

3. Create friendly and more efficient online shopping experiences

In 2020 we witnesses a boom in online shopping, a trend that is likely to continue and accelerate. With more people shopping online than ever before, eCommerce sites need to present visitors with pathways to conversions that are efficient and easy to follow.

This year, online shopping experiences will become more friendly and personal. The user’s experience will be both streamlined and friction-free while still bringing in the benefits of online shopping. Thanks to improvements in web technology, the movement from website to checkout should be smooth and effortless. Changes like these will help improve the shopping experience on all sites, whether they are brick-and-mortar or eCommerce retail outlets.

4. Emphasize user-controlled video content

Once upon a time video on websites was the greatest thing since warm bread, and it is still an important vehicle for providing informative content. But are today’s users thrilled with it? Not quite so much. In 2021 we will see a shift toward user-controlled video content.

With this new trend, we will see videos that are both more informative and entertaining. The videos will provide information and ideas to users in an entertaining way while making the actual viewing experience as painless as possible. Video players will be designed to allow users easy access to controls allowing them to jump ahead, pause, fast-forward, rewind, or stop the video at any time. They will follow along with subtitles or verbal descriptions and can be replaced when desired.

5. Spend more time showing off trust builders

Although trust builders are indispensable elements in web design, finding the right ones can be a challenge. Instead of spending several minutes to size up a brick-and-mortar business, an online shopper will often do so in minutes or less. The same will be true for smartphone shoppers, who often receive large amounts of information in a short time span.

As these expectations continue to expand, so too will the need to show the buyer you’ve been around the block a few times. This year, more websites will focus on trust builders to help consumers make an informed buying decision. The sites will use numerous trusted resources to inform the user and give them all the information they need.

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