In modern Mobile Web Development, there is an unlimited number of platforms, solutions, and frameworks that are available to web developers.  Frameworks like Angular and React are extremely popular and offer a lot of out of the box features, as well as the enterprise level support.  However, they also require you to load significant JavaScript bundles, which could affect your site performance.  Platforms like AMP and Facebook Instant Articles offer ease of implementation and performance out of the box.  They also come with some limitations and at least for now, are heavily focused on mobile support.  Facebook Instant Articles in particular are only available on the Facebook Platform.


We’ve been adapting AMP successfully since it was introduced and at the moment we have three templates lunched on the AMP Platform.

AMP Article template –

AMP Gallery Template –

AMP Video Template –


  1. One open source platform.
  2. Great performance out of the box.
  3. Ease of implementation.
  4. Pre-built, plug and play components.
  5. Easy integration with PWA.
  6. Common components are continuously enhanced by the web community.
  7. The number of features is growing daily.
  8. Cons:
    1. Ads can only be loaded progressively.
    2. Limited Header Bidding options and vendor support.
    3. Doesn’t have all the rich interactive capabilities desired on desktop.
    4. Infinite scroll feature is not supported.
    5. It is possible to achieve better performance with custom implementation.
    6. Limited functionality for the fluid ads.
    7. Limited analytics support.


    We’ve been testing Facebook Instant Articles with varying level of success, starting in early 2016.  At this point we have not yet committed to sending all our FB mobile traffic to FBIA pages.


    1. Speed and performance.
    2. Continuous and consistent experience for the end user.
    3. Ease of Implementation.
    4. High performing relevance algorithms.
    5. Highly optimized ad performance.


    1. Only available on the Facebook platform.
    2. The set of features is limited.
    3. No header bidding is allowed.
    4. Strict ad restrictions.
    5. Limited analytics support.

    Custom Website Implementation

    When building your own mobile pages, you have almost an unlimited number of choices in implementation.  Web developers are able to use one of the more popular frameworks like Angular, Vue or React.  Developers also have an option of using either their own custom web components or use a web component library like polymer, as well as building the website with the vanilla JavaScript.


    1. Unlimited freedom of customization.
    2. Potential to achieve faster performance than AMP.
    3. Unlimited number of ad and header bidding implementations.
    4. Freedom to choose your own framework.
    5. Ability to serve the pages on any platform.
    6. Ability to create a Responsive website.


    1. Potential for slow performance and bloat, if developers are not careful.
    2. Complex implementation.
    3. Custom implementation.
    4. Time consumin1g.

    There is an abundance of mobile web development options and the choice is yours…

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