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Web Design UI | UX

Mojoe provides high-quality web design that will impress your customers. With our creative process, we will take your ideas and build them into a design you will love. User Interface and User Experience are the core parts of a good web design or a good application. It’s practically a part of your sales team. A user’s experience will have a big effect on your website’s SEO. That’s why we develop to impress and satisfy the users of applications and websites. The better the experience the more sales, conversions, and subscriptions. Web design is all visuals and visuals are the first things that are going to leave an impression. 90% of the time the deciding factor of a conversion on a website comes down to its web design and visual appeal. At Mojoe we use our creative strategies to implement an identity that is captivating to your audience to get a better conversion rate.

Content Writing

We know it can be hard to decide what content goes on your website. That’s why we partner you with our content writers who are specialists at creating content. You could be the fun-loving company that has smiles all around or the professional informative tone your company needs. However you are trying to come across to your audience, Mojoe can build that tone into your content, branding, and overall feel of your website or application. Your message to the world all starts with your brand and what you stand for, so let’s make sure you have meaning in everuting. 

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Your visual identity is your graphics, business cards, logos, and anything that people will see. Mojoe wants to help you create the perfect visual identity to match your brand. Your graphic designs and logo are going to be the most important. As these are going to be seen the most by your audience, so you are going to want something that will make an impact and stay with the person that sees it. If you need a creative plan with out standing graphics and great design Mojoe is here for you. 

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Logo Design

When people see your logo what do you want them to think about? Your logo will be the first and most common thing people see. Let’s create something that will be memorable to your customers.

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Business Cards

Stop handing out those boring business cards. You need something unique and exciting that won’t just go into a wallet and be forgotten. Mojoe helps design you a business card that speaks. 

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Graphic Design

From graphics for your web page to handheld brochures or postures. Mojoe’ s team creates graphic designs that are eye-catching and will wow your customers.

Custom Development

Whether it’s Web Development, Web Apps, or Mobile Development. Mojoe works with you and your teams to develop and mold your project into a fast-loading website that is fully optimized, an app that has the usability and UI you desire, or a web application that can change your company’s ordering systems. If you can dream it. Will achieve it. With our developers knowing an extensive amount of coding languages including Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more we can develop anything you need.

Custom Development, Web Application Design and Development, Mojoe, Greenville SC
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Web Development

Our Web Development team is here not only to do your CSS, HTML, Java, Python, etc. They’re here to guide you as well we want to ensure you stay relative in today’s online world.  To do that you have to stay with what is new and what everyone is following.

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Web Apps

We are here to build the application program that you want to share with the world. Mojoe creates Web Applications to high standards of being user-friendly and having well-implemented UI & UX. Developing the functionality along the way. 

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Mobile Development

When it comes to your apps we want you to have the fully functioning and well-designed app you deserve. That’s why we have important implementations of UI & UX and coding strategies. Let’s get started with your brand-new app. 

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Mojoe provides for you when it comes to search engine optimization. From helping you pick the best keywords/key phrases that reflect your site, to showing you the analytics of how your keywords are performing. SEO is critical to your online presence majority of people won’t go past the first pages only 8.5 percent go past the first page. If you are not ranking you can’t be discovered and Mojoe wants you to get discovered. 

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We take into consideration that you aren’t going to have time to look at your analytics all the time and see how your keywords are performing. So we provide Google analytics, update you monthly, and suggest different keywords for ones that underperform.

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Keyword Research

Mojoe provides keywords/key phrases that reflect your services, product, or content. We’ll find you keywords that push you higher on google search pages and that match what your audience is looking for. Keyword research goes a long way towards your SEO.

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Mojoe can host your email, manage your site, and provide web hosting. From our secure servers, you don’t have to worry about malicious attacks, spam inside your inbox, or updating your website every time a new update is available. We keep you secure.

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