February is par excellence the month of love. It is a fact that this holiday is a phenomenon that crosses borders (and hearts) and a great opportunity for brands to “make love” to their customers, and why not, find new loves.
However, it is very important to note that, as we move towards a period of economic reactivation in Mexico, and in the world in general, the digital context and electronic commerce become more relevant for micro and small companies as the measures of social distancing. In fact, seven out of 10 Mexican entrepreneurs believe that the country’s MSMEs will adopt more digital tools as a result of the pandemic. Faced with this situation, Mexican entrepreneurs must take advantage of the technological tools at their disposal to differentiate themselves from their competitors and win the hearts of their clients.
If two or more brands offer essentially the same product and satisfy the same need, why do people prefer one over the other? Although a good product is of the utmost importance in creating this difference, emotions and feelings are a deciding factor and can play an important role in consumer choice. How many times have we heard “create a brand experience”? Although doing it is really more complicated than saying it, and also now we must transfer this experience to digital channels.
But we have good news for you.
Here are some tips to attract your clients:

Like in real life: Love at first sight

If people don’t know about your products or services, they won’t be able to talk about them, so it is essential to show your brand to the world; And remember what they say, the first impression is never forgotten. According to studies, people tend to remember 65% of visual content even three days after seeing it. The image of your company is the first contact between you and your potential customers, so taking care of all the visual elements can make them remember you positively. Now, how do we translate this to digital platforms?
Maybe the first thing you think about to make yourself known is social media, and it’s a great start! You must take care of the quality of your images and attention to detail, including spelling, to capture people’s attention. Once you’ve hooked them, it’s time to take them to the next level: a personalized website in complete harmony. But you should not worry, since creating it is easier than you think and you can adapt it to your needs. Currently, there are “all-in-one” tools that allow you to customize your domain name and create a website without needing any technical knowledge, using the included design tools to customize your themes, images, colors, and fonts; likewise, you can add image galleries, link your site with your social networks, schedule appointments, and even launch your elegant and functional online store. But remember that this level of customization is only possible on your own website.

Let the love continue, even in the distance, with an online store

If it is not yet time to interact personally, an online store can help the love continue from a distance. With social distancing measures in place, that your customers can make their purchase online is very important (and it will be even after the pandemic). Even if you already sell through social networks or a marketplace, your customers will surely love you if they can buy directly from your store, and here are some reasons:
1. Your brand is unique: Although a marketplace can help you reach hundreds (or thousands) of people, it could be very difficult for your brand to stand out among all similar products. With your own online store, you are in control and can create greater brand recognition.
2. Customizable payment methods and shipments: As in a marketplace, you can offer various payment methods and home delivery, but in your own online store you choose which payment options to offer, the delivery that works best for your business and other partners to better serve your customers; With the right solution, you can keep track of your inventory and expand your shipping and payment options. In addition, you can accept payments directly in your online store with the different tools offered by the website builder of your choice and accept credit cards, debit cards, and even digital wallets, or accept offline payments for customers who want to pay by bank transfer or even bank deposit.
3. Build customer loyalty: With your own online store, you can be closer to your customers with a variety of tools at your fingertips and easy to use. For example, with the right solution, you can have integrated email marketing tools, with the possibility of linking your online store to your social networks. In addition, you can optimize your website and online store for mobile devices, along with security protections for your page to give your customers the confidence that their data and information is safe.

Increase chemistry with your customers: the power of user reviews

A great idea is to incorporate a reviews section into your website’s product galleries. Here consumers can see a real opinion of someone who has already purchased your product or service, and it can help them feel more confident when considering their purchase.
Although reviews can be found on your page or even on your social media, consider responding to them appropriately. While sometimes these reviews may not be what you expect, responding to them will give your business a good image. Not everything will be honey on flakes, but remember that one of the things that people value the most is honesty and good treatment. So thank them in the comments and always respond appropriately (even to those not so positive comments). This will show your customers that you listen to them, that you value their comments, and that you take them into account to improve your business. In addition, it will give your small business truth, confidence, and even personality.

Details that fall in love: Aim at the heart of your customers trying to go beyond their expectations

It never hurts to mention it, but there is no better way to make your clients fall in love than by keeping what you promise. And better yet, you can give them a little surprise for preferring you. For example, you can give them a discount on their first purchase, create special packages with your products or services, or give them a free sample of one of your products or services. Also, don’t forget that people love stories, so tell a story with your brand that your customers can relate to. You may not get an instant purchase, but guess who they can think of when they need to fill a need.
At GoDaddy, we know how important it is for micro and small businesses to get online and increase their presence in digital channels. As e-commerce continues to grow, we are here to accompany Mexican entrepreneurs on their digital adventure and help them achieve their goals.

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