Running an e-commerce sales store can be a great business opportunity, especially during a pandemic, as many have learned this past year. Of course, because nearly every aspect of the business takes place online, it’s important to create an exceptional user experience and an inviting virtual storefront for shoppers who land on your website.

A crucial part of the overall e-commerce sales experience is a great user interface. To help you get this component right, 14 members of the Forbes Communications Council shared effective ways to improve the UI of your e-commerce sales site. Read on for their tips to maximize online conversions and grow your digital sales.

1.  Maximize SEO

Maximize SEO and incorporate suggested items for sale. Make the checkout process easy to view and make it a priority to click on the “Check Out Now” or “Complete My Order” buttons. – Cynthia KaoInnovative Computing and Applied Technology (INCATech)

2. Identify ‘Best In Class’ Examples

Working with my teams over the years, I have found the best way to start has been to identify “best in class” examples that are selling similar goods or services and solving similar problems. There is always room to evolve, pivot or simplify, but starting with fantastic thinking as a springboard has always served us well. – Lonny SchwartzDDC

3. Utilize Video

Upgrade the UX by showcasing your products in action through a short video clip. Not only does it offer product size and scale to the customer, but it also allows them to virtually try out the product; and it’s an easy and efficient way to share basic product information. Video is a vital ingredient in a successful e-commerce sales recipe. – Heather ByrdTaillight

4. Test Your UI With Actual Users

Make sure you consider the end user above all others. It is so easy for a business to get into the details and think that it is easy for the end user because those inside the business know it so well. The challenge is to make it easy for the user, so test it with actual users to make sure it works for them. – Michelle BankNuspire

5. Use Data

Best practices are great, but data is better. When it comes to removing obstacles and frustration across your digital properties, take your cue from customers. Granular experience analytics can help you translate your customers’ continuous digital feedback into a precise understanding of what’s not working on your interface. Visualizing the obstacles along the customer journey is key to a great CX. – Niki HallContentsquare

6. Personalize The Shopping Experience

People respond to offers and information specific to their needs, so companies should tailor shopping experiences with information that matches what they know about each customer. Whether it’s offers, a certain landing page or the way products are suggested and displayed, personalization has been shown to lead to higher conversion rates. – Lynne CapozziAcquia

7. Incorporate Social Media Content

An effective way to increase conversions on e-commerce channels is to incorporate high-performing content from social media on websites and product pages. Using social as a testing ground for e-commerce creative has proven a successful tactic, especially when leveraging AI to predict what types of imagery audiences are most likely to engage with and, ultimately, click through to purchase. – Julie MeredithDash Hudson

8. Use Dynamic Navigation

Use dynamic navigation that changes search filters automatically to be more relevant to the product category and actual shopping behavior of shoppers, such as on a home furnishing site, for example. If people browsing floor rugs almost always then look at shape and dimensions, then the AI powering your search page should automatically show those filters first for that term to help the buyer buy. – Mark FloisandCoveo

9. Clearly Communicate Return Policies

On a product page, I would make sure to clearly communicate your policy on returns, exchanges and refunds. Not including these details leads to unnecessary friction that creates uncertainty in the user’s mind, causing them not to convert. – Brian SchofieldMarket 8

10. Send Order Confirmation And Delivery Details

Think broadly about UI and UX, and remember that it all continues after they click the buy button. Send buyers an instant confirmation that you’ve received their order. Include details about expected delivery and ways for customers to connect and share concerns. Yes, clicking the buy button technically is a conversion, but how valuable is an order that a buyer cancels out of uncertainty or frustration? – Indy GuhaSignifyd

11. Prioritize Clear And Descriptive Information

Clarity is key. Make sure visitors understand exactly what you sell and why they should buy from you as soon as they land on your site. At every stage of the funnel, ensure that the information you provide, such as CTA buttons, product descriptions, FAQs, links and shipping and returns information, is clear and descriptive. Users should never have to guess what’s going on or what’s happening next. – Matthew StaffordBuild Grow Scale

12. Focus On The Return Visitor

Personalize their experience using their website behavior. For instance, when they land on your website again, highlight their previous product views, show them products they added to the cart and recommend other products based on their purchase history. Also, enable one-click purchasing to leverage customers’ stored addresses, credit cards and delivery preferences. – Anand RaoAutoNation

13. Remove The Clutter

It seems simple, but remove the clutter. Be very intentional about the distractions you are introducing to your customers. If you want to maximize conversions, focus specifically on that conversion and strip everything else away. – Jonathan SasseMetova

14. Incorporate Social Proof And Urgency

First, shoppers need to know that the item selected is credible and will meet their expectations. The best way to do that is to show real-time reviews and stats from verified customers. Second, the shopper needs to know that, if they wait, that highly sought-after item may be gone. Once you have solved these two concerns, online conversions will soar. – Josh FranciaBlueshift

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