In the information age, and especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it may seem like every tried-and-true business standard of the past has been replaced or updated in some way. But there are a few conventions that remain, usually for good reason, and one of those is the mission statement. Here we’re going to look at why crafting a strong, effective mission statement for your organization is just as important as ever, and four ways digital marketing can nurture your client connection by putting your mission at the forefront.
Build a Unified Brand Voice
According to the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary, a mission statement is “an official statement of the aims of a company or an organization.” Your company’s mission is the foundation of all you do. It’s what distinguishes your company from your competitors and provides a glimpse at how you value your client base. Beyond simply stating what you do, a well-written mission statement helps humanize your company and make connecting to clients easier.
Consumers are flooded with advertising online, and it can be challenging to connect organically with prospective clients and new leads, especially while social distancing. When you use your mission statement to guide your marketing strategy, you can create and maintain consistent messaging more easily, because you’ll have a clear directive at all times. By building a voice for your company that feels familiar, you can provide clients with that down-to-earth feel they crave when interacting with a business. Fortunately, once you’ve established your messaging, digital marketing offers much in terms of building a loyal client base that is emotionally connected to your business and its services.
Inspire Marketing Innovation
One incentive of digital marketing is the ability to shift your strategy along with ongoing developments. But constant change can present challenges, too — it can be tough to know whether a marketing trend is right for your business. With your mission as a virtual guidepost, it’s easier to select new tactics confidently and stay atop the latest technological advancements without losing sight of your goals. Rolling with the punches can make change more bearable and help you keep up with your competitors — or even surpass them.
For example, a trendy social media tactic is to call attention to successful or well-known persons during celebrations of particular groups, such as Black History Month or LGBTQ Pride Month. In a time where social activism is on the rise, posts like this can be a great way to connect with your audience while highlighting your mission indirectly.
Identify a colleague or executive you look up to whose story you can share. What makes this business leader so admirable? Think of the qualities or traits that this individual possesses. For instance, what do you envision in a good leader? What makes someone stand out to you? It could be compassion, empathy, patience, or honesty. Understanding what you appreciate in other leaders can help you identify your company’s core values and better emphasize them through digital marketing.
Give Structure to Your SEO Strategy
As you build a digital presence, search engine optimization (SEO) is the gateway to furthering your mission and helping your company grow. Whether you add new services or would just like to gain clients in different geographical locations, SEO can help you increase impressions and achieve your goals by helping online searchers find your website more easily. Here, too, your mission can inform your approach — from determining which search terms you want to target to which back-end updates to prioritize. SEO has much to offer in terms of getting your mission noticed and appreciated.
Google algorithm updates and other search engine changes are inevitable, and fluctuations in website traffic happen to even the most well-developed sites. But with a consistent, mission-driven approach, your website can maintain a relatively steady number of impressions and new leads despite the changes and build a diverse client base to reach more people who need your services.
Create and Organize Content Wisely
Many business leaders underestimate the power of quality content. Content isn’t just there to fill up space on your website. When used correctly, the content has the power to emphasize what’s important to your company. Blogs and other media, such as videos, have enormous potential to convey your company’s values. For instance, posting regular blogs about topics relevant to your company’s core values — even if they don’t relate directly to your services — is how you can show, not just tell, your audience that you actively carry out a mission.
And speaking of content, after putting so much effort into building a great mission statement, you’ll want to feature it where your clients can easily see it. Every reputable business should have a clean, accessible website, and that’s the perfect place to convey what’s important to your company. Consider making a separate page for your mission statement or include snippets of it throughout your homepage. No matter what style you choose, clearly defining your company’s values is essential and can guide your design choices, too.
Put Your Mission Statement to Work for You
Communicating your mission to your audience is key to maintaining long-lasting customer relationships. With your values at the forefront, clients will have no problem recognizing what your company stands for and the service that prospective clients can expect. And even better, a strong mission statement can take much of the guesswork out of your marketing strategy, opening an entire world of possibilities.

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