This collection of design trends – from fun angles to illustrations where you wouldn’t expect them to cool three-dimensional concepts – is sure to help you think a little more out of the box. It might be just the right inspiration to cure some of that design boredom.

Here’s what’s trending in design this month:

1. Angles for Attention

Working with angles is a fun technique because you can essentially point website visitors to what you want them to see on the screen.

Angles can be aggressive and have an obvious visual goal. They can also have an easier feel without so much direct intent. This trend can look a lot of different ways, making it a versatile option for designers.

This angle trend works well when you want to emphasize specific sections of a website.

Aligning content the way that you angle the design can give your visitors a clue for where they should be looking. Designers often use these angles to show visitors which content needs their full attention.

2. Unexpected Illustrations

This might be the most fun we’ve seen with website design trends in a while – projects and companies are using illustrations in some of the most unexpected places.

The design surprise happens when an industry that you don’t expect uses this type of imagery. A simple illustration takes the design to another level, or illustrations mix with other elements to paint a whimsical overall scene.

When you combine this trend with an animated style or a love of typography, the possibilities for the “wow” factor are endless.

3. 3D Layers to Enhance Web Design

When you want to add depth and texture to the world of your website, 3D is a great way to go. You can use it as part of a background image that adds depth and texture, but it also works as an alternate method for displaying text and images inside web pages.

When you add 3D to a design, it can add a sense of realism to your site. You can use the realistic feel to add a texture, going beyond just having an image in the background.

Great examples of this trend include restaurants that have 3D images in their menus. If you want to take things a step further and give users an additional benefit when they click on a thumbnail, consider adding layers that lead customers into the content of the page.

4. Hand-Drawn Typography

It’s no secret that the hand-drawn typography trend is starting to make its way back into designs. Hand-drawn typography adds a realness and an organic feel to websites, especially when it’s detailed to give the feeling that time was spent on each word. These design trends are popular in business websites because it helps them stand out from the crowd.

This trend is an easy way to add personality to your website design. And with this trend, you can go the extra mile by adding designs that are created with tools like Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop for added customization.

You don’t need to use this trend for entire websites but it can be used in smaller sections in your design. When you’re looking at web designs, take time in perusing hand-drawn typography so you can get inspired.


Not all design trends is right for every project. Take a good look at what you are trying to accomplish and match it with a design concept. You can always make adjustments to the design if it doesn’t match up with your needs.

You can also try mixing and matching trends for a unique look that isn’t something you see every day. Whatever direction you decide to take, consider your website goals first and then take time to ensure that your design is on point.

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