Every element of a well-designed website is carefully planned. However, even the most effective designs need to be updated, and even the best law firm websites need periodic refreshing. Check out these 10 quick tips that will refresh your website without requiring a full overhaul.

1. Update your CTA buttons: Using your design as a way to connect is huge this year, so consider animating key call to action (CTA) buttons to draw the user in. Animations will guide the user experience and encourage them to focus on key areas of your page.

2. Add links to social profiles: Adding modern, monochromatic links to social media profiles is a great way to freshen up your page. Keep it simple and accessible to encourage clients to connect with your law firm on multiple platforms with just a few clicks.

3. Change the default: Clients want to engage with firms that provide a highly personalized experience, so don’t just use the default “submit” text for your CTA buttons. Change the default to a phrase that is cohesive and better corresponds with the user’s end goal.

4. Add branding to your subpage design: Not every site visitor sees your homepage. If your site is optimized for SEO, clients may be directed to a highly targeted subpage first.

5. Add reviews: Reviews are an opportunity to highlight how your law firm helps clients — not just how great you are. Add reviews from Google, social media and other listing sites to convert potential clients into current clients.

6. Add an original tagline: Stay away from generic-sounding catchphrases, and focus on creating a tagline that will speak to the unique needs of your clients. Having a clear message is a must because, according to a widely cited Nielsen Norman Group study, 79% of users only scan webpages rather than reading word by word. Use a bold, eye-catching phrase to convert website visitors into clients.

7. Organize your navigation: If you are constantly adding pages to your site, check in to make sure your main navigation is still user friendly. Ask yourself: Do the links make sense? Are there duplicates? Are the links organized in a logical way?

8. Rethink that slider: A slider, which is a slideshow added into a webpage, requires putting thought, time and effort into messaging that may never be seen. Replace that slider with a video — consumers are more likely to engage with short video content.

9. Update your attorney bios: Potential clients want to know what to expect. They visit your website to learn about you and what you offer. Update your attorney bios, and allow clients to virtually connect with your attorneys. It’s all about making a good first impression.

10. Pair images and text: If you have a clear message, make sure that all the images on your site relate to that message. Be consistent with the style and theme of the photos you are using and avoid clichés.

Know when it’s time for a redesign.

Even quick updates can become time consuming, but sometimes it’s just time for a redesign. If your site doesn’t accurately reflect your firm, it might be time to take additional steps. A well-done website has the power to enhance your brand, communicate a clear message and promote conversions.

Article Provided By: Forbes

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